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Founder and President

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Le'Kedra Robertson

As a social entrepreneur, youth/community outreach consultant Le’Kedra has proven herself to be a lady of distinction and character. The Founder/President of The Milne Inspiration Center (MIC), she is committed to increasing opportunities and decreasing unproductive behavior that often lead youth to crime through arts, culture and social entrepreneurship. The Milne Inspiration Center is a safe space for the voice, vision and development of young leaders to reach their purpose filled futures

Her experience as the MIC-AMPED! Leadership Summit Director, Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Educator, Finding Our Folk Tour Manager, and mentor has allowed her to work with middle and high school students and students incarcerated or risk of being incarcerated. This afforded her the opportunity to understand the difficulties face by youth in low-income homes and government neglected communities. Also she recognizes the importance of trust building, and successfully establishing relationships with students, parents and teachers that result in safe learning environments in often challenging situations.-

Site Directors

Lakinda Barabin, New Orleans Director

Lakinda Barabin is committed to helping youth improve leadership skills, as well as character, so that they can see and seize opportunities as they transition from youth to young adult. Originally from Los Angeles, Ca, Lakinda is the Site Director for the Milne Inspiration Center (MIC-AMPED). However, she has long been engaged in youth development programs before joining the New Orleans based project in 2017. As a young girl, Lakinda was heavily influenced by her faith and her family, especially her mother and grandmother who encouraged her to participate in various activities. Her love of performance led her to start a dance ministry where she choreographed, taught, trained younger girls to have confidence, self-esteem, and good team-building skills. After attending Pierce College, Lakinda relocated to Louisiana to participate in City Year, a service-based initiative that supports under-resourced youth in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Through professional development offered by MIC-AMPED, Lakinda is now trained in youth assessments through the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) which provides her another creative opportunity to engage youth programming on a deeper level.

Lakinda also brings to her position over 10 years of customer service and managerial experience in retail sales. She stands on the shoulders of giants like Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatma Ghandi because she truly believe that we each must "Be the change that we wish to see in the world." 

Mallory Hill, Jonesboro, AR Director

Driven. Change Agent. Plugged in. Determined. Just a few of the words used by some to describe Mallory Hill. Born and raised in Jonesboro, AR, Mallory has always been passionate about serving her community through youth engagement and social justice. She comes from a family of educators and youth workers, where you voice was not only encouraged, but expected.  "One of my favorite author's, Marian Wright Edelman stated that "Service is the rent we pay for being.It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.' and I believe this to be key," said Hill. 

Mallory began her work with MIC-AMPED in the summer of 2016. She attended her first summit as an adult supporter with a small group of teens from Northeast Arkansas. After attending the 2017 Summit, she decided to pursue youth work full time, leaving behind a 10-year career in finance to enroll in the Strategic Communication program at  Arkansas State University. 
Whether it singing, dancing, acting, or full on charades, Mallory rises to the occasion. Her work with youth is centered around her desire to help them to see their full potential. In her 'spare' time, Mallory teaches financial education courses at local schools and community centers, provides freelance design services and consultation for media strategy.  Since 2009, Mallory has served as director of  youth programs at First Baptist Church.


Julius Ezeb, YPQI Trainer

Julius Ezeb is a minister, entrepreneur and philanthropist born and raised in New Orleans, committed to building relationships and community. Julius is the founder of  K.I.N.G.S. (Knowledgeable Intelligent Noble Guardian Sages) that work to develop a growing network of youth and adult supporters with the conscious intent of creating a self-sustaining social and professional infrastructure that empowers individuals to design and cultivate their way of life. He is also a certified youth works "Trainer of Trainers" for the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) on behalf of the Milne Inspiration Center (MIC-AMPED).

He has served 17 years in ministry focusing on relationship development and purpose driven life. Julius is an information technology business professional and the co-founder of Ezeb Enterprises with a passion for business development, market analysis, research & data manipulation.

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