Our Team

Founder and President

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Le'Kedra Robertson

As a social entrepreneur, youth/community outreach consultant Le’Kedra has proven herself to be a lady of distinction and character. The Founder/President of The Milne Inspiration Center (MIC), she is committed to increasing opportunities and decreasing unproductive behavior that often lead youth to crime through arts, culture and social entrepreneurship. The Milne Inspiration Center is a safe space for the voice, vision and development of young leaders to reach their purpose filled futures

Her experience as the MIC-AMPED! Leadership Summit Director, Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Educator, Finding Our Folk Tour Manager, and mentor has allowed her to work with middle and high school students and students incarcerated or risk of being incarcerated. This afforded her the opportunity to understand the difficulties face by youth in low-income homes and government neglected communities. Also she recognizes the importance of trust building, and successfully establishing relationships with students, parents and teachers that result in safe learning environments in often challenging situations.-

Site Directors

Jessica Dandridge, Interim Program Director

Jessica Dandridge is a consultant and advocate focused on youth development and cross-cultural organizing for a more equitable society. Born in New Orleans, Jessica began advocating for communities at age 15 after Hurricane Katrina when it became clear minority and youth voices were being disregarded. Since then she has worked for various organizations around issues like equity in education, mass incarceration, food and environmental justice, and developed educational tools for cross-cultural organizing. She has a B.A in Political Science and Sociology from Xavier University of Louisiana, and an M.A from The New School in New York City, School of Public Engagement in International Affairs focused on conflict resolution, media and culture. Since 2005 she has continued to advocate for educational advancement in several areas. She has anchored several campaigns insuring youth voices are heard and developed into better policy procedures through her consulting company Patois. Currently, Ms. Dandridge is also the State Director for Campaign Election Engagament Project and the Project Manager for ResoureFull Consulting. She also works part-time as head chef for her families buisness, Palmer's Cuissine, and is a Board Member for the Committee for a Better New Orleans.  Long-term her goal is to ensure young people believe in the power they hold to impact their future. She believes by expanding the knowledge of young people beyond their borders and giving youth responsibility to impact the world around them, they can mobilize one another for a more sustainable and conscientious society.


Julius Ezeb, YPQI Trainer

Julius Ezeb is a minister, entrepreneur and philanthropist born and raised in New Orleans, committed to building relationships and community. Julius is the founder of  K.I.N.G.S. (Knowledgeable Intelligent Noble Guardian Sages) that work to develop a growing network of youth and adult supporters with the conscious intent of creating a self-sustaining social and professional infrastructure that empowers individuals to design and cultivate their way of life. He is also a certified youth works "Trainer of Trainers" for the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) on behalf of the Milne Inspiration Center (MIC-AMPED).

He has served 17 years in ministry focusing on relationship development and purpose driven life. Julius is an information technology business professional and the co-founder of Ezeb Enterprises with a passion for business development, market analysis, research & data manipulation.