MIC Mentor

The need for mentors for our youth around the world is critical. Today, student’s are faced with a multitude of challenges spanning from education, life skills, entrepreneurial dexterity, and cultural competency. Modernization and globalization challenge our youth, especially at-risk youth to adapt faster in order to be successful in the current competitive global climate. When you become a mentor, you increase youth’s aptitude in multiple areas to be leaders in their community, and controllers of their futures. 


Below are expectations for  MIC Mentors.

  • Meet with Mentee (s) in person at least 1-hour a week until completion the program
  • Check in with Mentee (s) throughout the duration of their participation in the AMPED
    program via phone and/or email
  • Attend a minimum of three [3] training sessions, networking events and/or other social events
    with Mentee(s)

Student Mentors are currently enrolled college students that support current and future programs. Student mentors help by facilitating classes, developing workshops and programs, and working with Mentee for the duration of the program(s).

Please check our programs for more information on how student mentors can support our programs.




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