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The MIC Seeks to engage youth and community as generational poverty cycle breakers to serve as innovative generational wealth builders through leadership and social entrepreneurship.

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The youth of our community are desperate for guidance, opportunity and hope. Please join us by committing to support the personal development and growth of youth in our community.


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By wearing MIC merchandise, you help spread the word about our work. Profits help fund our sites as 100% of the profits goes directly to services and programs.

The Milne Inspiration Center

The MIC is a cultural community collaborative center of learning that provides opportunities for community development and social enterprise for young people who have a vision, desire and passion to be contributors to their respective and global communities by being movement builders and change the game of the social, economic and political landscapes of their communities.





Friends of the MIC-AMPED

Thanks to all of our generous donors for supporting the MIC-AMPED.

  • Papa Ben Diggins & Ms. Vanessa - $30
  • Lynnique Chopin - $20
  • Corrine Herbert - $10
  • Erick Woodruff - $20
  • Kristen - $40
  • Neosho Ponder - $30
  • Marc Johari Laws - $20
  • Eli Morris - $200
  • Annette Turner - $10
  • Deidra Decay - $20
  • Debra Robinson - $40
  • Mama Pauline Talbert - $125
  • Katherine Medina - $20
  • Rashidah Williams - $10
  • Shervonda Williams - $25
  • Charles Cutno - $20

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